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There's no substitute for One-on-One work with a Mentor who is established and well-versed in the field you're interested in. Now you have the opportunity to get exactly that. Increase your chances of employment and make a great impression with leading companies. Explore your options for working with Ann. 

Fan of The Everyday PM Podcast? Want to be a Guest Host?


Top 5 Skills to be an Effective Project Manager

1) Emotional Intelligence, 2) Mental capacity to juggle multiple projects, 3) Proficiency in PM knowledge areas,

4) Effective Communication, 5) Backbone & Developing Strength of Character

Certifications and Additional Education

Wondering What Degrees or Certifications You May Need? Get clarity on what to pursue. It's Best to Work With A Mentor Before Deciding Where to Put Your Valuable Time & Resources. 

Transitioning Between Industries

Looking to transition from another Industry into Project Management? I have helped individuals from various fields make the move. With my help, they are often surprised to learn what aspects of their previous work experience can fit within the scope of a PM.

Different Types of PMs

Your Success as a PM has everything to do with finding the ideal fit for your skills, personality and strengths within the context of the industry. Together we will evaluate your strengths and growth as a PM, as well as explore the differences between a technical and non-technical PM.

In-depth Review & Assessment

Get an in-depth review & assessment of how your skills & experience can be a value-add to the PM industry. I will work with you to hone and improve on these skillsets.

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