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The Everyday PM Podcast | "Project Management Coffee Chat - PM Basics"

Coffee chats, water cooler talk, quick huddles... As project managers, we thrive on these happenstance meetings as an opportunity to information gather. While I recommend these types of syncs are not utilized for decision-making, we can leverage this time as a chance to discuss pressing matters in a much more comfortable setting.

When Greg Christensen, Vice President of reached out to me with some questions about project management, I suggested a virtual coffee chat (sans coffee because I don't actually drink it). To truly mimic the constraints of a coffee chat, I set a timer for 20 minutes, since we all know coffee breaks should not take any longer than that! Here's a preview of the questions we cover in this week's episode of The Everyday PM Podcast:

  1. What are the basic principles one should incorporate when establishing a project?

  2. What are the top five risk factors when it comes to projects in general?

  3. What are the biggest problems you see or have seen when it comes to the daily project management process?

  4. How does technology come into play to mitigate/solve these problems?

  5. Can you share your approach to planning and building out a podcast episode?

  6. Do you have a favorite project management philosophy/style you can describe?

Do you have any questions you'd like to bring to the Project Management Coffee House? Feel free to reach out to me and we'll find time to take a break together.

Enjoyed this new themed episode with Greg? Want to learn more about Greg's experience and how project management software can help eliminate complexity from your project? Leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below! Make sure to follow Greg and I on LinkedIn for more.


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Worldwide Readiness Program Manager at Apple, Inc.

Program/Project management professional with 10 years of experience in product development, physical retail launches, health care, and tech industries.

Vice President of

Greg Christensen is a CMMS expert, business consultant, and mentor with 2 build outs resulting in successful exits. Nearly 2 decades in the CMMS space, extensive facilities, maintenance, and building management experience, lead to a focus on project management.“I have a passion for working with people delivering successful outcomes using a client-centric approach to problem solving. I find mentorship to be rewarding, in all of its various forms, and love building long-lasting relationships in constant pursuit of the elusive win-win."

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