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The Everyday PM Podcast | Episode 24 "Spotlight On Brian Summons - Iraq Combat Veteran to IT PM"

Welcome to episode 24 of The Everyday PM Podcast where I spotlight Mr. Brian Summons, MPSM, PMP, CSM, CSPO, Iraq combat veteran to Senior IT project manager.

I remember clapping my hands after Brian spoke up in our virtual class about how gaining a project management certification does not guarantee your success as a project manager. He went on to outline the many attributes that make for a successful and effective project manager, like high emotional intelligence and concise communication skills. This moment is when I knew we had a connection, which is why we have kept a close relationship even after the program was over. For this reason, and many more that I've come to learn about Brian, I have chosen to spotlight him in this week's podcast.

Mr. Brian Summons is an Iraq combat veteran, having served in the military for 8 years. Following this experience, Brian made many strategic moves to progress himself from military to civilian life, including learning from mentors about project management. Ultimately, he found himself working in both non-tech and tech PM roles. Listen in on Brian's journey from Iraq combat veteran to Senior IT project manager for CHOC (Children's Hospital of Orange County).

What do you think of Brian's journey? Do you share a similar experience? Definitely reach out to Brian to chat more about his personal and professional experiences because he is just that awesome. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


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Worldwide Readiness Program Manager, Apple, Inc.

Program/Project management professional with 10 years of experience in product development, physical retail launches, health care, and tech industries.

Senior Project Manager, CHOC Children's

Senior-Level Project Leader, Combat Veteran, and USC ✌🏾 Alumnus who has a passion for leading impactful technology projects. A seasoned leader, and polished communicator with the required experience to ensure project success.

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