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The Everyday PM Podcast | Episode 2 "Leadership"

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Welcome to episode 2 of The Everyday PM Podcast where we talk about leadership in project management.

Projects and work environments are becoming increasingly complex due to the pandemic, with teams dispersed virtually and having to find new ways to adapt to this complexity. Project/program managers must shift their mindset to one of project leadership, learning to exhibit soft skills in the virtual environment or even when interviewing for a new job opportunity.

We share our thoughts on how to convey leadership as a soft skill and have it resonate with recruiters and colleagues alike.


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Worldwide Readiness Program Manager, Apple, Inc.

Program/Project management professional with 10 years of experience in product development, physical retail launches, and health care industries.

Branch Manager, Smithfield Foods

Within the past 12 years, I have gained experience in relationship management by adhering to proven operational practices in marketing and sales meeting budget and sales goals.

Senior Project Manager, R&D Program

From a start-up to large corporation a common base for the project management skill and mind set is overarching. As a Project Manager, I see two main elements to successfully execute a project: Technical and Motivational.

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