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The Everyday PM Podcast | Episode 15 "Team Member Personalities"

Welcome to episode 15 of The Everyday PM Podcast where we discuss team member personalities and provide tips on how to manage them.

A huge part of our role as project managers is to deal with people. In Episode 14, Ryan and I discussed the process of stakeholder management. We continue the conversation in Episode 15 as we walk through various team member personalities as described in an article written by the PMHut Team over at A citation and link to the full article can be found below. In this article, five of the most "common" types of team member personalities is detailed, from 'Grumpy Grant' to 'Emailing Emma.' Tt's important to remember that no matter which personality types you have on your team, that they are still just people. As we do in our everyday lives, we must learn how to work with them, adjust our communication styles, and gain each other's trust as we invest in our mutual relationships.

What are your thoughts on each of the unique team member personalities? Any tips to share in regard to working with and managing people? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!


PMHut Team (2011, November 16). Stakeholders - Personality Types and Tips. Online article:


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