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The Everyday PM Podcast | Episode 12 "Project Management Professional Exam"

Welcome to episode 12 of The Everyday PM Podcast where we discuss the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam from preparation strategies to the exam structure.

With the continuous growth of the project management industry, it is by no surprise that more and more working professionals are looking to obtain the PMP or Project Management Professional certification to stand out from the crowd. The Project Management Professional exam and certification has been around since 1984 and is globally recognized. There are now more than 500,000 project managers who hold this certification and you'll find that many companies list it as a preferred, recommended, or must-have criteria when hiring project managers.

Jonathan Green, PMP, PSM I, Editorial Manager for Roku, Inc. joins me to discuss this topic. He serves as the ideal co-host for this topic because in November of 2019, he and I enlisted in PMTI's bootcamp to prepare for the PMP exam. It was an intense four-day bootcamp taught by an experienced instructor that guaranteed you a shot at passing the exam on the 5th day provided you scored reasonably well on the practice exams administered during the four-days of preparation. As you can see from the three letters after Jonathan and my names, we both passed the exam with high marks. While this method worked best for us, I encourage you to find a preparation method that suits your needs. Give the podcast a listen to hear our thoughts on making this determination to take a bootcamp over self-study and our perspective on the exam itself.

Are you considering taking the PMP exam? What is driving you to do so? Are you PMP certified? Do you see value in holding the certification? We would love to hear your thoughts on the PMP exam and certification. Drop us a comment below.


Project Management Training Institute® (PMTI®) is an official Premier PMI® Authorized Training Partner® (ATP) and an organization that has helped over 80,000 PMP certification aspirants in 20+ countries in PMP certification training in boot camp format.


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Worldwide Readiness Program Manager, Apple, Inc.

Program/Project management professional with 10 years of experience in product development, physical retail launches, and health care industries.

Editorial Manager, Roku, Inc.

Experienced creative producer and agile project manager adept at improving communication, creating engaging content, and delivering complex projects on time. Passionate about tech, entertainment, design, and social good.

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