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The Everyday PM Podcast | "Business Process Optimization"

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Jon Darbyshire, CEO & Co-Founder at SmartSuite

In 2021, Jon and his team launched SmartSuite, the work management platform that manages any process, from any industry, on one platform. Now, SmartSuite unites essential elements used to get work done, regardless of company size or type.

Throughout his career, Jon has been dedicated to automating everyday, essential business tasks to create smarter, more efficient organizations, no matter what the industry. Prior to Archer Technologies, Jon held leadership positions at both EY and Price Waterhouse, honing his skills in understanding the need to automate and simplify work for the enterprise.

Enjoyed this conversation with Jon about business process optimization? Want to learn more about Jon's work management platform SmartSuite? Leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below! Make sure to follow Jon and me on LinkedIn for more.


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Director of Project Management at One & All

Program/Project management professional with over a decade of experience in product development, physical retail launches, health care, marketing, and tech industries. Helping grow and diversify the project management community, one podcast at a time.

CEO & Co-Founder at SmartSuite

Entrepreneur, product designer, and investor with a passion for designing and creating software that enhances the productivity of people and teams - by aligning their work around common goals.

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