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The Everyday PM Podcast | "Accidental Project Manager with Ray Frohnhoefer"

Ray W. Frohnhoefer, International Bestselling Author, Educator, Speaker, and Managing Partner of PPC Group, LLC.

One of my favorite questions to ask fellow project managers is "Did you plan to be a PM or did you stumble into it?" So, imagine my surprise when I heard the term Accidental PM for the first time. It just fits. Not only does Accidental PM perfectly capture how many of us "stumbled upon" the role, but it is also the title of author Ray W. Frohnhoefer's bestselling book, Accidental Project Manager: Zero to Hero in 7 Days. Ray wrote this book with the intent of helping project managers quickly learn the essential skills they need to start or refresh their careers.

He is also the author of Accidental Agile Project Manager: Zero to Hero in 7 Iterations, and Risk Assessment Framework: Successfully Navigating Uncertainty. Ray has provided organizations with key materials for project managers to learn and grow. With over 35 years of experience managing projects, programs, and portfolios in multiple industries, Ray utilizes his writing and teaching to train and mentor project management students from around the world via online and in-class courses. He works with educational institutions such as UC San Diego Extension and California Southern University. Recent corporate clients have included Breg, Cymer, San Diego County Water Authority, and the US Navy. His mission is to help individuals and organizations improve their practices of project, program, and portfolio management through many of his educational and consulting engagements which focus on accidental, new, and aspiring project managers.

Ray talks to us about his bestselling book, teachings, and much more on this week's installment of The Everyday PM Podcast.

Here's a sneak peek at what we cover:

  • His inspiration for writing Accidental Project Manager

  • How he came up with the title

  • Ray's professional journey including if he is an accidental PM

  • PROJECT as an acronym and how Ray thoughtfully structured the book to help project managers learn and retain the information

Enjoyed this conversation with Ray? Want to learn more about the essential skills needed to start or refresh your project management career? Leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below! Make sure to follow Ray and me on LinkedIn for more.

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Worldwide Readiness Program Manager at Apple, Inc.

Program/Project management professional with 10 years of experience in product development, consumer goods, tech, and healthcare industries.

Author, Educator, Speaker, and Managing Partner of PPC Group, LLC.

Author of Accidental Project Manager: Zero to Hero in 7 Days and project manager for over 30 years. Ray leads a dual career, with more than half of his more than 15 years as a trainer and educator spent designing and delivering project-oriented, experiential online courses based on 21st-century learning principles. In 2014, Ray founded PPC Group, LLC to offer publications, training, and consulting with a focus on aspiring, new, and accidental project managers.

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