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PM Spotlight: Brian Summons

We are thrilled to shine the spotlight on Brian Summons, the Manager of the Project Management Office at CHOC Children's hospital here in Southern California. Brian is an exceptional leader with a diverse background and an unwavering dedication to project management excellence.

Before starting his career in Technology, Brian served our country in the US Army, completing a challenging combat tour in Iraq. His military experience instilled in him the values of discipline, resilience, and effective teamwork, qualities that he seamlessly translates into his role as a project management guru.

Listen to our Spotlight episode on Brian from 2021

Brian's credentials are truly impressive. Holding a Masters in Project Management from the University of Southern California, he has honed his skills and knowledge to the highest level. His commitment to professional growth is evident through his multiple certifications, including the coveted Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. Furthermore, Brian has specialized certifications in Scrum methodologies, including Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), enabling him to efficiently navigate the world of Agile project management. He has also attained certifications in other areas such as Wicked Problem Solving Practitioner (WPS), Agile Hybrid Project Pro (AHPP), and Agile Metrics (AM-MC), showcasing his adaptability and expertise in cutting-edge project management techniques.

Despite his busy schedule, Brian remains deeply involved with his alma mater, the University of Southern California. He graciously serves as a guest speaker, sharing his wealth of knowledge and practical insights with current students and aspiring project managers. His dedication to mentoring and coaching extends beyond the academic realm, as he has guided numerous individuals towards their career goals, helping them unlock their potential and reach new heights. One aspect that truly sets Brian apart is his unquenchable thirst for knowledge. In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, Brian consistently seeks out opportunities to expand his understanding and expertise. His enthusiasm for learning is contagious, inspiring his team and colleagues to stay ahead of the curve in this digital era.

As the Manager of the Project Management Office, Brian oversees a team of nine talented project managers and four skilled analysts. Together, they collaborate to scope and implement technology projects that support and enhance CHOC’s hospital operations. Brian's exceptional leadership and proficiency in project management methodologies have been instrumental in ensuring the successful delivery of critical projects, enabling the hospital to provide the best possible care to their young patients.

“My perspective is, if I am able to wake up to see the next day, that day is already amazing!” - Brian Summons

On behalf of the Everyday PM community, we express our gratitude to Brian Summons for his exemplary dedication and contributions. His unwavering passion for project management, along with his remarkable military background, has shaped him into a remarkable leader, mentor, and advocate for excellence. We are privileged to spotlight him, and we look forward to witnessing his ongoing achievements and impact. If you have the opportunity to engage with Brian, be prepared to be inspired, motivated, and empowered to embrace project management excellence.

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