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The Everyday PM Podcast | "Operations Management Software: Shaping the Future of Work"

Tommy has been in the restaurant industry for nearly his entire adult life. He has a BSBA from the University of Denver’s Hotel Restaurant school and an MBA.

This former stand-up comic turned SaaS founder, has extensive experience helping businesses become more efficient and profitable through the process, accountability, and data. He’s currently the Managing Director of OpsAnalitica, an Operations Analytics platform that focuses on managing and measuring daily team activities for large multi-unit businesses. Tommy believes that the next big technological disruptor event for many companies will be implementing Operations Management software to shape the future of work and beat our competitors through better, more consistent daily operations.

We cover the following topics:

  1. The principles of Product Management

  2. How to stay at the forefront of product management innovation

  3. What is OpsAnalitica (Operations Management software)? How has it helped individual employees increase their effectiveness and consistency in daily operations?

Enjoyed this conversation? Want to learn more about Tommy, product management, and operations management software like OpsAnalitica? Definitely reach out to Tommy to chat more! Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


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Host and Founder of The Everyday PM

An authentic leader who is well-versed in the launching of product and physical retail spaces, data system implementation and upgrades, onboarding of new employees, training, championing new process improvement initiatives, and building a solid project management community.

Founder of OpsAnalitica

SaaS Platform Founder, Software Product Manager, Enterprise Customer Success Leader, and Entrepreneur.

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